The Holidays and Alegre’s promise to the Dominican Republic

Max Carraher

Max Carraher

Charity Administrator
December 31, 2020

It’s that time of year again and the question must be asked, what makes it different? What about this time creates that energy between people that just seems to lift everyones spirits and make people act a bit kinder, more like the people we all hope we can be?

While the answers to these questions are numerous it is worth considering that as a people, we have the ability to effect deep change in one another just through simple acts of kindness. The effects of these simple acts spread and with enough kindness, eventually, that hard to define energy so often referred to as holiday spirt becomes a reality.

Alegre’s mission has within each of its specific goals, the underlying purpose to uplift and bring happiness to the people of the Dominican Republic. In that way the spirit of this season is one we endeavor to create year round.

2020 has been a particularly hard year for most and even more so for those who had very little to begin with. The chances are high that holiday spirit is lower than normal, especially for underprivileged communities and particularly the children of those communities.

In an effort to preserve the spirt of the holidays, Alegre in partnership with the Dominican foundation Cultura Viva, has granted funding to provide 300 orphaned, abandoned and underprivileged Dominican children with toys and holiday treats this season.

Using these funds, orphanages and youth centers will be visited and gift baskets containing toys, food and treats will be hand delivered to each child. Along with the gift delivery, holiday activities and events will be in full swing so every child truly gets to enjoy this time of the year.

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