Telemedicine for the DR, a 21st century solution.

Max Carraher

Max Carraher

Charity Administrator
September 5, 2020

It isn’t a mystery why a person’s health is one of the most important ingredients to having a happy life.

It also isn’t hard to understand that without the ability to maintain a healthy population a nation will struggle to expand and thrive.

These are truths that make Alegre’s mission to improve the medical welfare of the Dominican people one of its top priorities. With a severely overburdened medical system and large sections of the Dominican population without proper access to standard facilities, it is a situation that needs immediate attention.

One clear issue with the Dominican healthcare system is that it is strictly first come first serve. There is no appointmenting, in order for Dominicans to receive medical care they simply have to show up to a care facility and wait. Sometimes those facilities can be an hour or more away.

While this arrangement might work for small sections of a medical system, having it as the standard for its entirety is severely inefficient and results in long wait times, worsening of possibly preventable conditions and large crowds capable of transmitting communicable diseases.

Alegre, as of July 2020, has begun the creation of a solution to this urgent situation. With unanimous board approval Alegre has granted $25,000.00 to the Cultura Viva Foundation in order to begin the research and development of a nationwide Telemedicine service for the DR.

A properly designed Telemedicine service would offer Dominicans throughout the country a way to get medical advice, diagnosis and treatment recommendations without ever having to leave their home.

For many Dominicans a service like this could be the difference between achieving quality health or having to live with a preventable condition and possibly worse.

Alegre is very excited about this project and we will share our progress along the way!

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