Noche De Cine Gratis, raising funds for children of the DR!

Max Carraher

Max Carraher

Charity Administrator
May 1, 2021

As 2021 continues forward so does Alegre’s determination to ensure Dominican children have the opportunity and resources they need to succeed in this world. The Noche de Cine Gratis program is the embodiment of that goal.

With over 30,000 children and adults impacted in just two years, Noche de Cine Gratis brings life improving education and peace giving entertainment to communities throughout the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

In March 2021 it was realized that in order for Alegre to continue sponsoring the Noche de Cine Gratis program we needed a partner.

This partner came in the form of, a crowdfunding platform dedicated specifically to the support of charitable organizations. So Alegre embarked on a campaign with to secure the Noche de Cine Gratis programs financial future.

In the first month of the Noche de Cine Gratis fundraising campaign over a quarter of the funds needed were raised and there are no signs of that momentum slowing down.

With the campaign successful started and the future of the Noche de Cine Graits program in hand, on April 30th 2021 it became official. We are proud to announce that Alegre Global Assistance Charities is now a permanent partner on the platform!

The Dominican Republic is Alegre’s priority and Dominican children are the heart of the DR. This achievement will allow Alegre to reach more potential supporters which in turn will empower Alegre to continue expanding its impact and help thousands more Dominican youth.

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