Noche de Cine Gratis, a moment of joy in a hard world.

Max Carraher

Max Carraher

Charity Administrator
August 25, 2020

The life of underprivileged children in the DR can be very difficult. Without proper access, schooling and sometimes even food and shelter, life can often be a daily struggle. Compounded by the health and economic stress of the Covid-19 pandemic, children’s environments have become even more unstable.

This situation is just as real for Dominican parents. Most parents want the best for the children but often underprivileged Dominican families aren’t afforded that chance.

Knowing this harsh reality do we choose to look away and pretend it’s not there? No, we face it head on and figure out a way to make things better even if only for a brief moment.

That is why Alegre sponsors the Noche de Cine Gratis program run by the Cultura Viva Foundation. By bringing educational seminars, mobile movie theaters and free snacks to Dominican communities, this program creates a safe place for kids and families to take a break from the daily struggles of life and simply enjoy being with each other and having fun.

Alegre is proud to announce that sponsorship of the Noche de Cine Gratis program has commenced as of August 2020!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions this program had to be shut down for months, but with proper safety precautions in place Noche de Cine Gratis has begun again and hundreds of lives have already been impacted by the joy it brings.

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