How To Make Good Choices Graduation by Noche de Cine at Camú Primary School, Puerto Plata.

Alegre Global

Alegre Global

June 20, 2022

On June 15, 85 students of the Eduviges Eguren Almonte-Camú primary school, were graduated and received their certificates for completing the “How to make Good Choices” course.

The Graduation event was aimed at recognizing the students who had learnt and applied each of the Moral precepts of the course.

This special event was made for children of the third, fourth and fifth grades, in coordination with Mrs. Viviana Atiles, director of the educational center, and Noche de Cine Gratis team of Cultura Viva Foundation.

During the ceremony, director Viviana Atiles, called the students to follow enthusiastically the moral and ethical principles they had learnt and to motivate their peers and friends to learn how to make good choices in life.

The young students had a good interaction with their classmates and teachers, they shared what they had learnt, their experiences on how the new precepts improved their relations, discipline and learning. At the end of the activity, by tradition, all enjoyed a new movie and delicious snacks.

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