Fedujazz & Alegre, bringing a musical renaissance to the Dominican Republic!

Max Carraher

Max Carraher

Charity Administrator
November 1, 2020

Musical education, is it necessary?

The statistics don’t lie, musical education is a highly beneficial part of education as a whole. From better test scores to higher graduation rates the benefits of musical education are supported by an abundance of thorough, professional research that is well documented all over the internet.

Alegre recognizes this and so does the Fedujazz music school located in the province of Puerto Plata. A well known organization dedicated to one thing – providing the underprivileged youth of the Dominican Republic with high-quality, structured music programs that enhance their overall education and life opportunities.

It is this dedication that caught Alegre’s attention. Unconditional help is a rare quality and Fedujazz offers it abundance to the most needful part of society, underprivileged children. They provide Dominican youth a chance to learn, play and create beautiful music, thereby greatly increasing their quality of education and life.

Beginning in the month of August, Alegre has granted monthly operational funding to Fedujazz! These funds will allow Fedujazz to continue and expand its vital musical education programs for the underprivileged youth of the Dominican Republic!

While Alegre’s funding and Fedujazz’s work directly benefit the children helped by these programs, in truth those benefited number many more than that. There is no goal nobler than one that helps children because eventually, they will inherit the world, and the more capable and confident they are the better this world will be for all of us.

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