Desarrollo Personal e Impacto Social Seminar Program Trains Firefighters Brigades in Puerto Plata.

Alegre Global

Alegre Global

June 4, 2022

As part of their 2022 educational agenda, members of several Firefighters Departments of Puerto Plata province, received seminar package of 15 hours of the Personal Development program.

In the month of June, more than 70 firefighters belonging to these units, participated and successfully completed this training program under WISE.

The educational initiative was coordinated with and authorized by the director of the Puerto Plata Department, Colonel Orlando de Jesús Álvarez Rosa, who highlighted the willingness of the departments to continue training their personnel through our programs, and have new staff integrating in the next months signed up for the program.

The given seminars teach the fundamental skills to improve at work and to lead a more organized life, to help advance towards their personal and professional goals in life.

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