Cultura Viva Foundation & Loco Amor: Center for Hope and Resources for Women, Graduate 70 Dominican Women of “Desarollo Personal e Impacto Social” program

Alegre Global

Alegre Global

May 11, 2022

Loco Amor Foundation, the Center of Hope and Resources for Women, together with Cultura Viva Foundation had 70 women complete the Desarollo Personal e Impacto Social and graduated on May 10, 2022. Loco Amor with the help of our Administrative technology program capacitated 70 women, willing to improve their future, and guided them to successful entrepreneurship initiatives in the province of Puerto Plata.

The president of Loco Amor, Bonnie Smith, said that Dominican women are entrepreneurial and that she considered it necessary to offer them training and mentoring in the development process, to avoid being forced to abandon the process since many the women enterprises are not valued in society due to the scarcity of knowledge that they sometimes have. She also thanked Cultura Viva Foundation for adding the administrative technology education that will support all working women who feel the need and have aspirations for development.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Alexandra Voevodina, Executive Director of the Foundation, thanked Mrs. Bonnie Smith for providing quality help and education to low-income women in Sosua and Puerto Plata areas. With that said, she recognized the graduates’ dedication and emphasized that the training they had received would allow them to break cycles of poverty in their families by applying the new knowledge to their entrepreneurship initiatives and to succeed.

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