Cultura Viva Foundation carries out reforestation activity at the Los Hijos del Rey School in Los Castillos, Sosúa.

Alegre Global

Alegre Global

June 20, 2022

On June 14, our team of “The Way to Happiness” Educational program, Mrs. Wander Tejada and Pedro Peralta, initiated and successfully carried out a reforestation day together with the children of the fifth and sixth grade of Los Hijos del Rey School in Los Castillos, Sosúa sector.

The activity was motivated by Precept 12 called “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment”, having all the students actively involved in planting new fruit trees in the green yard of the said center.

The students worked in small groups, together with their teachers and other staff in charge of this activity, having planted a hundred of fruit species such as Mango, Lemon, Cranberry, Guanabana, and Oranges.

In addition to baby plants, several large trees and bushes have been planted in more open areas, mainly the Mangos, and Red Pepper. All of them were local species, adapted to our area and climate.

<<“Our purpose was to have the students apply the precept they had learnt from out ”The Way to Happiness” course – to feel and appreciate the environment they live in, and make a valuable improvement for it, experiencing the importance of taking care of our environment. Soon they will be able to enjoy what they have harvested and value more the effort made that day”, Wander Tejada, Presenter of “The Way to Happiness”.>>

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