Cultura Viva Continues to Train Young Entrepreneurs with Personal Development and Social Impact Seminar Programs

Alegre Global

Alegre Global

July 10, 2022

Educational Seminars that promote the new culture of entrepreneurship and that supported more than 120 young people in the month of July.

The team of presenters who teach our personal development seminar programs through the WISE educational courses has developed for the second time a new support plan for low-income young people with the aim of implementing initiatives that promote the mentality and culture of entrepreneurship in an inclusive way in the different regions of the northern part of the country.

The initiative of these educational seminars has a dynamic program that transfers basic tools with fundamental aspects that help young people to generate ideas of entrepreneurship at an early stage that require adjusting and improving their strategies to enhance their growth.

Through these educational seminars that have impacted so many young people and adults to develop in both the personal and work environment, the objective is to continue developing and implementing more educational strategies in educational centers, government centers, and military units, as well as in companies that want their staff to grow and undertake in a significant way.

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