“The Way To Happiness” educational seminars as a moral code for the youth!

Cultura Viva Foundation and Alegre Global have started a new program to improve the morals standards and ethics of the public. The Way to Happiness is a 1980 booklet written by L. Ron Hubbard listing 21 moral precepts. Today it is the first moral code based on common sense, with the purpose to reverse the […]

Noche De Cine Gratis, raising funds for children of the DR!

As 2021 continues forward so does Alegre’s determination to ensure Dominican children have the opportunity and resources they need to succeed in this world. The Noche de Cine Gratis program is the embodiment of that goal. With over 30,000 children and adults impacted in just two years, Noche de Cine Gratis brings life improving education […]

The Holidays and Alegre’s promise to the Dominican Republic

It’s that time of year again and the question must be asked, what makes it different? What about this time creates that energy between people that just seems to lift everyones spirits and make people act a bit kinder, more like the people we all hope we can be? While the answers to these questions […]

Fedujazz & Alegre, bringing a musical renaissance to the Dominican Republic!

Musical education, is it necessary? The statistics don’t lie, musical education is a highly beneficial part of education as a whole. From better test scores to higher graduation rates the benefits of musical education are supported by an abundance of thorough, professional research that is well documented all over the internet. Alegre recognizes this and […]

Telemedicine for the DR, a 21st century solution.

It isn’t a mystery why a person’s health is one of the most important ingredients to having a happy life. It also isn’t hard to understand that without the ability to maintain a healthy population a nation will struggle to expand and thrive. These are truths that make Alegre’s mission to improve the medical welfare […]

Food Aid, helping those who cannot help themselves in the time of Covid-19

With the effects of the 2020 pandemic on view for all to see, countries like the Dominican Republic have been stripped of their number one economic resource – tourism.  A tropical paradise with some of the most pristine beaches on Earth, it’s no wonder people from around the globe flock to this island nation. But deeper […]

Noche de Cine Gratis, a moment of joy in a hard world.

The life of underprivileged children in the DR can be very difficult. Without proper access, schooling and sometimes even food and shelter, life can often be a daily struggle. Compounded by the health and economic stress of the Covid-19 pandemic, children’s environments have become even more unstable. This situation is just as real for Dominican […]

Alegre and Cultura Viva, a renewed partnership, dedicated to the DR!

With the current state of the world, strong bonds between like minded individuals and groups are vital to making things better for ourselves and our children.  A strong bond is exactly how one could describe the partnership between Alegre and the Dominican foundation, Cultura Viva. Both organizations have a singular mission: to uplift the Dominican people and both […]