Frequently Asked Questions​

Is there a minimum donation?

There is no minimum donation, any amount helps Alegre bring about a better future for the Dominican Republic.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Alegre is recognized as a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the IRS and your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. For advice about whether your donation can be used as a tax deduction, please consult with your tax advisor.

Does Alegre Global Assistance give money to individuals?

Alegre does not offer funds to individuals. Instead, Alegre supports a wide variety of Dominican organizations and programs which provide help in many different ways to the people of the Dominican Republic. In this manner, Alegre ensures the most efficient use of generously donated funds.

How does the money get to the project?

Through the efforts of Alegre dedicated Staff, Officers and Board of Directors, Alegre reviews grant requests from trusted Dominican organizations.

Once a grant is properly verified and approved, funds generously donated to Alegre are allocated for the approved grant and sent to the grantee organization.

Recent examples of grantee organizations are Cultura Viva and Fedujazz.

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes, if you prefer to keep your identity private that is completely okay! You will still receive a donation acknowledgment for your tax purposes.

How do I donate by check?

Easy! Simply click offline donation in Alegre’s donation portal and follow the instructions.

How do I know my donation is secure?

Alegre is using encryption technology, which means your information is codified to make sure it is inaccessible to third parties. If you notice, Alegre’s URL  starts with “https,” “s” stands for secure and indicates that sensitive information is locked and transmitted securely.

Which currencies can I donate in?

You can donate in any currency: Alegre’s donation system automatically updates the currency according to your location.

Does Alegre have any monthly donation program?

Recurring donations can be set in our system. Once you have entered your account you can select the option “recurring donation” and set the frequency of your donation. The amount you have established will be automatically debited from your credit card or bank account within the period of time you have set.

Where do I find my donation acknowledgement?

As soon as you make your donation via Alegre’s donation portal you will be emailed a donation acknowledgement. If you make your donation offline in the form of a check or cash donation, Alegre will email or mail your donation acknowledgement within one week of your donation being received.

Is there any way to keep track of my donations?

The system keeps track of all donations, every time you donate, a letter listing your donation amount will be sent to your email address.

How can People help other than making financial contributions?

Alegre completely understand that financial donations are not possible sometimes, here are a few other ways you can help Alegre.

  • Sharing on Social Media - Alegre is always appreciative when individuals share our message on these platforms, the more our audience grows the more help we can get to the DR!
  • Create a fundraiser - If you have Facebook you can start a fundraiser on Alegre’s behalf! Click here to see how
  • Tell your friends and family about Alegre’s work and help them connect with Alegre.
  • Join Amazonsmile and select Alegre as your charity. You can support Alegre while you shop at no cost to you! Click here to get started
Do you have any volunteer programs?

Alegre currently does not have volunteer programs. We are a US based charity working mainly with Dominican Republic organizations and due to these partnerships Alegre’s personnel needs are solved at the moment.

What is Alegre Global Assistance Charities?

US based 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, founded to help the Dominican Republic achieve improved survival for all it’s people.

What is Alegre's vision?

A Dominican Republic free of poverty, where the necessary medical and educational resources are available to help ensure that the Dominican people are able to realize their full potential as a Nation and as a Culture.

What is Alegre's mission?

To Promote healthcare and medical education, combat community deterioration, advance the arts, and support historical and cultural education in the Dominican Republic, focusing on underprivileged communities.

Why should donors trust Alegre Global Assistance Charities?

Alegre is recognized by the United States government via the Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)(3) public charity.

We are also a verified non-profit on numerous platforms such as Facebook and have a gold star transparency rating with the non-profit data base Guidestar.

‏‎‎Our tax returns are readily available on our website so the financial security of the organization and its use of funds are fully disclosed.

Beyond this, we are an organization made up of dedicated business professionals and humanitarians with only one purpose and that is to help people live better lives.

What has Alegre accomplished to date?

Alegre was established and recognized as a non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service in 2018. Initial funding was donated to the organization in that year.

In 2019 Alegre established a working relationship with the Cultura Viva foundation, a recognized non-profit organization in the Dominican Republic. Cultura Viva is a foundation newly formed in 2019 that shares a similar overall purpose to that of Alegre.

In 2019 and 2020 Alegre has funded several different charitable projects including the establishment of educational and relief projects that directly aid individuals and has initiated research into medical improvements.

These activities have resulted in over $400,000.00 invested into Dominican communities and over 25,000 Dominican lives positively impacted in just two years.

What are Alegre's future goals?

Alegre is focused on expanding its network of Dominican non-profit partners so we can better reach the populations of the DR as a whole.

While we continue to fund community betterment projects, we are focused on making large strides towards improved access to high quality, life improving educational programs.

Why donate to Alegre?

The DR has no shortage of circumstances that need urgent attention and dedication. Here are a few points to consider.

A large part of the population live below the poverty standards established by the UNO (United Nations Organization), with a huge deficiency in health and education services.

Over 2 Million Dominicans live in poverty.

The Dominican Republic ranks 90 out of 149 in  the quality of education according to the latest reports from the World Bank, UNESCO and Gallup.

Over 40% of Dominican children drop out of school before graduation

With regard to health, the Dominican Republic is ranked 82 out of 140 in terms of infrastructure, physical and mental health, and preventive medicine.

Over 50% of Dominicans do not have access to proper health care.

The founding of Alegre Global Assistance Charities arises from the need to correctly channel aid aimed at the repair of these conditions via cultural, educational, and medical improvements.

Beyond the statistics, there is a country and a culture that is worth helping simply because of the people, their generosity, their kindness and their love for life. These are the qualities that make the DR a unique place in the world.

A literal tropical paradise, but what makes it truly beautiful is its people. A people that Alegre thinks deserve a fair chance at the best life they can live.

What is different about Alegre Global Assistance Charities?

Unlike other more general public charities, Alegre Global Assistance Charities is focused solely on the improvement of Dominican lives and the Dominican Republic as a whole. Therefore all of our efforts go directly to ensuring a better future for all Dominicans.

What are Alegre's projects and programs, and how they are contributing?

Cultura Viva Foundation

As a US based charity working for the betterment of the Dominican Republic it was necessary for Alegre have trusted partners in the DR.

The need to ensure funds generously donated to Alegre are properly spent while at the same time being able to execute charitable programs exactly as intended gave way to the founding of a new foundation in the Dominican Republic.

Named Cultura Viva, this foundation was created on the same principles and purposes Alegre holds at its core.

As the main source of financial support for Cultura Viva, Alegre partners with this foundation to efficiently and effectively implement a wide variety of charitable activities throughout the Dominican Republic.

Noche de Cine Gratis

A mobile movie theatre with the specific purpose of bringing happiness and learning to children throughout the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

This program consists of an educational seminar and then the showing of free movies along with providing free snacks to areas that otherwise see very little relief from the daily struggles of life. Alegre recognizes that laughter and fun are just as important and the basic necessities of living.

Organizing and running this project, Alegre works with Cultura Viva to bring it to schools, churches, community centers, orphanages and parks.

Over 12,000 children and adults have been positively impacted by Noche De Cine Gratis.

Food Aid Project

2020 has brought unprecedented circumstances to the world’s doorstep.

The Dominican Republic was not immune to these situations. As an already economically poor country its people have been put in a very precarious position regarding basic living requirements such as food.

It is for this reason Alegre decided to fund the Food Aid Project.

Many Dominican people and families have lost their lively hoods and are going without proper nourishment. Alegre, in partnership with Cultura Viva has begun isolating the most needful and hand delivering essential food items to their doorsteps.

In just two month, the project has provided food to thousands of hungry Dominicans.

This project will continue to grow and Alegre intends for it to help thousands cope with the potentially very difficult times ahead.

Educational sponsorship

As stated in Alegre’s mission, education is one of three key areas we are working to improve in the Dominican Republic.

The statistics speak for themselves – over 40% of Dominican children do not graduate high school. Over 200,000 Dominican children are currently not in school. Over 50% of school dropouts are due to financial hardship.

Problems such as poverty and low-quality of life can only, truly, be resolved through education. In this way children and adults can become more confident, self-reliant and capable. It is with this understanding that Alegre moves forward and seeks out educational programs that uplift and enhance the lives of Dominicans.

Most recently Alegre has made grants to the Fedujazz Foundation, a well-known non-profit music school, and the Life Improvement Educational Project, a pilot program designed to help teenage and adult Dominicans improve their life skills, including literacy & business management.

In total these two grants are investing over $120,000.00 into educational programs that directly help underprivileged Dominicans!


In the Dominican Republic medical services are delivered without appointment on a first-come, first-served basis. Typically a citizen accesses medical care by arriving at a facility in the morning, signing up for an appointment, and then waiting until their name is called. For the average citizen, it is usual to wait several hours in this manner whenever they seek medical care.

These long wait times in crowded conditions create unnecessary problems and severely reduce the quality of medical care Dominicans receive, potentially making the medical conditions worse.

In the effort to better the lives of the Dominican people Alegre cannot ignore the broken medical system in the DR. With that understanding Alegre has embarked on the development of a Telemedicine service intended to greatly increase the quality of medical care and greatly reduce the overburdened medical system.


Creating increased awareness and education on matters important to Dominican’s daily lives.

The Public Services Announcement project seeks to raise public awareness on the consequences of major issues in the DR such as traffic safety, teen pregnancy, and how to care for oneself.

How can I get in touch with Alegre Global Assistance Charities?

We love to hear from people interested in Alegre. You can contact us via our website  or email directly

How does Alegre ensure financial responsibility & transparency?

We consider financial responsibility to be our duty to donors, partners and those we help. Responsible and ethical use of generously donated funds is Alegre’s top priority. Here are some of the main ways Alegre ensures responsible and ethical use of funds:

  • Thorough vetting and quality control built into our grant consideration process. Each grantee organization is inspected to ensure it is a valid legal entity that is operating in a manner that qualifies it for support.
  • After the grantee organization passes inspection, each grant request is separately reviewed. Each grant sees three tiers of inspection before approval.
  • Dedication to keeping operational costs to a minimum to ensure all possible funding is used to help the Dominican people.
  • Detailed monthly financial and progress reports required from all grantee organizations, including media documentation.
  • An annual independent audit of Alegre’s financial activity to ensure the financial behavior of Alegre is completely standard.
  • Detailed monthly financial and progress reports required from all grantee organizations, including media documentation.
  • An annual independent audit of Alegre’s financial activity to ensure the financial behavior of Alegre is completely standard.
Does Alegre provide an annual report?

Alegre ensures it's annual tax returns are available to all. Click here to view them.